Deadly train crash kills at least 36 people


Rail authorities said a train travelling from Cairo had hit the back of another that was waiting at a small station in the Khorshid district, just west of Alexandria.

Footage showed dozens of people crowding around the damaged train cars, with bodies on the ground.

Image:People tried to enter the wrecked carriages to get to the injured
Image:One train is said to have smashed into another waiting at a station

Some people are still stuck in the wreckage, a medical official told state television.

The events leading up to the crash at 2.15pm local time are unclear, but a security source said a track switching error was the most likely cause.

Image:Dozens of people crowded around the damaged train carriages

Egypt’s health ministry confirmed the number of dead had risen to 36 and that 123 people had been injured.

The public prosecutor has ordered an urgent investigation.


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