Petition filed to recount US election votes


An election official said Ms Stein filed the request about an hour-and-a-half before a 5pm Friday deadline.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission said it is “preparing to move forward with a statewide recount of votes for President of the United States”.

The Green Party has been raising money to pay for votes to be recounted in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania; crucial swing states during the election and all won by Donald Trump.

MILWAUKEE, WI - NOVEMBER 8: Voters wait in line at the polls to cast their ballot in the national election at Cannon Pavilion on November 8, 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Americans are headed to the polls to vote for either Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump or Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and other members of Congress. (Photo by Darren Hauck/Getty Images)
Image Caption:Voters wait in line at the polls at Cannon Pavilion, Wisconsin

Although there is no evidence of election tampering in those states, Ms Stein, who stood as the party’s candidate in the election, has cited “anomalies” as grounds to mount a challenge in the three so-called Rust Belt states.

The deadlines for filing in Pennsylvania and Michigan are Monday and Wednesday of next week.

Green Party spokesman George Martin said: “There’s no smoking gun here, but we’re saying the American public needs to have it investigated to make sure our votes count.

“We’re doing this to ensure the integrity of our system.”

WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 23: Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein arrives for a press conference at the National Press Club August 23, 2016 in Washington, DC. Stein discussed her candidacy and her attempts to be included in the presidential debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates during her remarks. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)
Image Caption:Jill Stein wants to make sure hackers did not skew the votes in swing states

Donald Trump won Wisconsin, which was worth 10 electoral college votes, with 1,409,467 popular votes (47.9% of the total).

Hillary Clinton came second with 1,382,210 votes (46.9%) and Ms Stein polled 30,980 votes (1.1%).

Wisconsin is legally required to recount votes at a candidate’s request providing he or she can meet the costs, which election officials estimate to be up to $1m (£800,735).

The Green Party has so far raised $5.2m (£4,163,820).


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